We work hard, so you don’t have to …

At Leading Edge Market Solutions we work hard to find companies planning to relocate and provide you with valuable information to shorten the sales process. Unlike some other services, we do not use algorithms or mass access Internet portals to find potential customers; every lead is obtained by direct telephone contact by a real person, so all our information is accurate, relevant and reliable.

The Leading Edge Difference:

  • We provide you with 40 genuine leads every month
  • Concise information ready to work from – no information on home workers or sole traders
  • Limited distribution. Leads passed to a small select group of companies
  • Fully researched with no industry hearsay or sketchy contact details
  • No mass access Internet portal from which 100s of subscribers download the same information
  • No updates introduced as new information – every lead is unique
  • No construction contacts

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